Important Patient Notice – Short Staff

Unfortunately due to Covid related issues we are short staffed. We will do our best to answer as many calls as possible and we understand that this is frustrating for patients.

Please use the website for administration, dispensary or sick note queries and please do not visit the surgery as you will be asked to call or email.

We are advised by our telephone provider that any issues you are experiencing when calling the surgery are due to the vast volume of calls each day. We are working closely with them almost daily to try to find a solution as we do not agree with them that there is not a problem.

We do not want our patients to get an engaged tone then be cut off, be cut off after 3 rings or to be told the number is unobtainable. This is not the experience that we want you to have when trying to contact us. We know that this is happening as we are constantly testing the system ourselves and have experienced all the above. We are doing everything that we can to try to resolve these issues as soon as possible.

Please be assured that even with these issues our Staff are answering calls constantly throughout the whole day with no respite and all available phones are normally manned. You will not hear phones ringing whilst at the surgery as we do not have audible rings as staff wear headsets and phones flash.

Thank you for your understanding and we hope to be up and running at full capacity and our patient telephone access improves very soon.