A message from Dr William Hollington

Dear Patients registered with the Ivel Medical Centre,

I am retiring as a GP partner at the end of July after nearly 34 years at the practice. I wanted to thank all of you who have put their trust in my judgement and hope that I have helped at least some of you over this time. It has been a privilege to be involved in many of your personal and family lives, and to share the happy arrivals and sad losses.

I have tried to time my departure when the practice is most resilient with our current excellent group of clinical and administrative staff. However, although we are hopefully through the worst of Covid as a health risk, it has created major challenges within the NHS, not least in General Practice, which will take much longer to recover. This has created severe pressure on our services and I would ask you to bear with the practice while the whole NHS adjusts to the effects of Covid.

Because of the Covid restrictions, I will sadly only be able to meet a few of you before I leave. Best wishes and a healthy future.

William Hollington